Greg Bowyer is the writer/director of First Flight. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Bradley University with degrees in physics and civil engineering, he went on to receive his master’s degree in cinema production from the renowned
USC School of Cinema-Television.

Greg’s body of work includes directing and adapting the short story, The Husband I Bought. His master’s thesis film, For All It’s Worth, which he wrote and directed, won recognition from several film festivals and was selected by USC as one of its top 100 films for its spotlight. After graduating, he also wrote the feature-length script for a romantic comedy, The Romantic Express, and wrote and directed the romantic comedy short Step Outside, which toured the national film
festival circuit.

The strength of the script for First Flight secured a high profile star, Joe Mantegna, to play a key role in the film. Greg personally financed the three-day film shoot of the First Flight promo with a $35,000 budget, and assembled a professional crew to shoot the project. His directing skills brought together a seasoned, professional actor with two gifted newcomers to create a compelling realism on screen.

Greg has worked in the motion picture and television industry for fifteen years. He has worked in feature post production at Disney, as well as in television production at Sony, CBS, and Paramount Pictures. His romantic-comedy screenplay With This Ring about a surgeon who falls in love with a malpractice attorney, just placed as a quarterfinalist (top 10% of 6000 entries) of the prestigious Page Screenplay Competition. He is presently working on a thriller screenplay, Not On This Flight, about an Air Marshal who has to hijack an airplane to save his wife's life.