Professional film producer since 2008
Self taught entrepreneur
Regularly lectures on the business of show business

Joel’s philosophy on filmmaking is what separates him from the pack. He believes that the old Hollywood paradigm of making movies is broken. The amount of waste in typical movies, of both time and money, is staggering. To Joel going either off budget or off schedule is absolutely unacceptable. He believes with absolute conviction that he can produce high quality products at a lower price than 99% of other producers, converting the difference into a stronger return on investment. Joel’s goal is always to create beautiful art, but he understands that the film business is first and foremost a business.

Joel Paul Reisig graduated from Hope College with a double major in Business and Creative Writing. Post grad Joel studied acting at the prestigious American Conservatory Theater. Joel lived in Chicago for two years where he studied and performed at Second City. While in Chicago he worked as an actor, fight choreographer for the History Channel, and a standup comedian.

Joel learned film production the tough way, and the correct way, by doing it! While others talked, he produced. He started his career with the feature film Fraternity House. Fraternity House was released worldwide on 7/28/09 into all major North American DVD stores. It continues to sell domestically and has now been translated into multiple languages and sold overseas.

Constantly striving to grow Joel accepted a job as the lead producer on a 1910 period piece, Mary’s Buttons. In addition to being in charge of both pre and post production, he ran a cast and crew of nearly 300 people. Filming lasted for four weeks, traveling throughout six historic locations across the state of Michigan. The film was finished on time and on budget and is now being submitted to film festivals. Mary’s Buttons was a personal story revolving around the financier’s grandmother, it was never intended for profit.

Joel followed up Mary’s Buttons with four made for TV movies, A Dog For Christmas, Holiday Miracle, A Horse for Summer, and Horse Camp. Working for the first time with big actors, the films stared Dean Cain (Superman), Richard Karn (Home Improvement) Dustin Diamond (Saved By The Bell), Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) and Christine Lakin (Step By Step).

In addition to producing, Joel teaches a two-day extensive producer course called Be Your Own Hollywood. He teaches writing, funding, shooting, and distribution.